Brandon Fischer

Assistant Brewer

Though born in Iowa and raised in California, Brandon made the wise decision to attend college in Fort Collins, Colorado, where, in the early days of New Belguim Brewing's rise, he fell in love with craft beer. His post-college career in professional theater didn't leave much room for a beer budget, but it did introduce him to his wife Sarah and give him an excuse for visiting the country's breweries under the guise of working for a touring theater company. Eventually, Brandon and Sarah married and moved first to the craft-beer-happy town of Durham, North Carolina and then to the craft-beer-rich region of Southern California. In 2014, Brandon, Sarah, and their then-infant son finally found their way to Fairhope, AL, and nearly immediately to Fairhope Brewing Company. After first making himself a regular, Brandon began making the brewery new tasting paddles, bottle openers, and tap handles. These days, he makes beer.

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