Tom Davis

Facilities Manager

Tom is a former IT professional, stay at home dad, and the list could go on for a while. Tom joined the brewery officially in August of 2014 after working 3 years active duty in the Coast Guard where he still serves in the reserves. Tom was introduced to Craft Beer when he worked the door at the Brewery on the soft opening. When the opportunity to work with an old friend and high school classmate (Brian) came up he saw the chance to explore a new career that could prove to be very promising. Tom is married to Leslie and has two daughters Emily and Mia.

Brian Kane

Managing Partner

Jim Foley

Managing Partner

Gil Peterson


Brandon Fischer

Assistant Brewer

Gabe Harris

Distribution Coordinator

James Delaney

Gulf Coast AL/MS Brand Rep

Brandon Clark

Experimentation Specialist

Michele Kane


Darius Daniels

Packaging Specialist

Alex White

Packaging Specialist

Dale Marston

Resident Hooligan