Jim Foley

Managing Partner

Our managing partner grew in New Jersey and got his degree from Villanova University before heading to law school in Alabama. It wasn't until Jim got to Tuscaloosa that he learned there was more to beer than the light lagers he had reluctantly drank through college. He first discovered darker, malt-forward ales before moving to more well-balanced varieties. When Brian first approached him about partnering with him and Michele to create a brewery, he was excited but very hesitant. It wasn't until Jim tried Dan Murphy's pale ale, which was the basis of the recipe for Fairhope 51, that he was convinced. Jim is married to Cindy, whom he met while working for a judge in Macon, Georgia, and they welcomed their son Hank to the world in July of 2014. They all live happily on Fish River with Guthrie the Dog.

Get in touch with Jim: jim@fairhopebrewing.com

Brian Kane

Managing Partner

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Gulf Coast AL/MS Brand Rep

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