Ecor Rouge Release

Posted on December 20, 2017

Fairhope Brewing Company Announces Release of Limited Edition “Ecor Rouge”

A Barrel-Aged, American Wild Ale Nearly Two Years in the Making


The Fairhope Brewing Company (FBC) is proud to announce the return of an old favorite, Ecor Rouge, available for three days only: December 22, 23, 24, 2017 at the taproom. 


If you’ve followed FBC you may be familiar with this sour red ale that was first released in 17 ounce bottles for a couple special occasions in 2015. When final six cases were made available on July 2, 2016, customers lined up and bought those 72 bottle in less than an hour despite a limit of two per bottles per person.  That record still stands as the fastest sales of a specialty beer ever at Lower Alabama’s Craft Brewery.


So what’s so special about Ecor Rouge? For starters, Ecor Rouge is the only Flanders red ale being made in Alabama.  And there’s good reason for that; it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. 


Ecor Rouge is FBC’s first beer brewed with wild yeast, a process that brings a new level of complexity to an already intricate process since these cultures are less precise and not nearly as predictable that the traditional brewing approach. Wild yeast and lactobacillus require a substantial amount of time to process sugars and fully develop flavors: one to two years on average. A typical FBC beer is brewed start to finish in less than three weeks. Ecor Rouge, on the other hand, is the “oldest” beer FBC has ever released having fermented for more than 15 months.


“The length of time we’ve barrel-aged this beer plays a big part in the development of the Ecor Rouge flavor profile,” explains Brandon Fischer, assistant brewer. “But that isn’t the only factor. The temperature at which the beer is stored also plays a role in how quickly and fully the flavors and acidity evolve. Luckily for us, Alabama’s warm, humid climate makes for an ideal setting for this style of beer. This batch of Ecor Rouge was transferred into wine barrels in April of 2016, and we’ve been monitoring it for more than a year to wait for just the right time to bottle it.” 


“Over the years we’ve brewed more than 150 unique beers. What’s different about Ecor Rouge is the fact that the wild yeast component makes it unpredictable for the finished product and highlights the talent of our brewing team. We first released this beer in 2015, and now, here we are, fall of 2017, and Gil (FBC head brewer) and Brandon have been able to follow that base recipe, and through patience and super refined pallets, they’ve been able to recreate our fastest selling beer we’ve ever made” said Brian Kane, FBC managing partner.


“We want people to try this beer and have a full understanding and appreciation for its complex aromas and characteristics. We obviously love beer here on Nichols Ave, but we also really enjoy educating our patrons about our craft.” 


So what can beer drinkers expect from Ecor Rouge? Based on a traditional Flanders Red, this American Wile Ale gets its complexity from the 15 months it spent fermenting with wild yeast and lactobacillus in the warm, humid climate of Lower Alabama.  It is such a deep red it almost trends toward brown in color, and its aroma mirrors its flavor —oak, stone fruits, with a tartness that occurs naturally during fermentation.


The limited edition release will be available while supplies last. 




  • Available for three days only! December 22 - 24, 2017
  • 22oz bottles 
  • $15 each
  • Limit six per person (while supplies last)