Our Beers Jubilees

A phenomenon known to happen only two places in the world -- Mobile Bay and Tokyo Bay in Japan -- a Jubilee occurs when a change in the Bay's oxygen levels results in a bounty of crabs, flounder and shrimp making their way to shallow waters and into the waiting nets of many Eastern Shore residents. Jubilees, which come with no warning and great excitement, are not just a natural phenomenon; they're a cultural wonder that brings our community together like nothing else.

With that spirit in mind, we select specific small-batch beers to be released on a whim and without advance notice as part of our taproom-only Jubilee series. Sign up for our email list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out when to bring your flashlights and nets to the taproom. Once it's gone, we head back out to deeper waters and our beer Jubilee is over.

Beers marked with a are currently on tap in the taproom!